Name: Trip
Gender: Cis girl
Pronouns: she/her
Title: creator/founder, illustrator, author, dev, colorist, character designer, basically everything, all-mighty death worm
Name: Audio
Gender: NB
Pronouns: they/them
Title: co-author, character designer, colorist, illustrator, and dev

Name: Jam/Charlie
Gender: Gender-fluid
Pronouns: He/They/She
Title: character designer, colorist
Hi what's up, u mess with my friends I'll mess u up. Thank. That is all.
Name: Sammi
Gender: Girl
Pronouns: xe/xyr or she/her
Title: Explore Contributor, Character Designer, Worm Kisser

Name: Hazard
Gender: Bro
Pronouns: He/him
Title: Shitposter, Random Idea Generator, and Colorist

Name: Willow
Gender: Trans Girl
Pronouns: She/Her
Title: Colorist, Writer, Character Designer, Professional Memer
Moral supporting Sparklecare in the form of MS Paint drawings since forever, also Trip is cool like seriously guys

Name: Hugo or Mack
Gender: NB
Pronouns: He/him
Title: Colorist, writer, something for Doom to munch on

Name: Donnie/Diz
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/him
Title: Colorist, writer, master of the sticks of Doom.